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Who are we and what is this?

...our website is a comprehensive listing of advocates at all levels across the major bar associations in the Republic of South Africa. This business division of clausematics is run by uniquely positioned founders comprising an admitted attorney with distinctive transactional and litigation experience and an internationally-acclaimed programmer with vast experience in the software development and data science fields. Now here comes the good part...


The underlying magic

...we allow fellow advocates, attorneys, clients, media, General Counsel (and legal advisors) and members of the judiciary to provide their feedback on advocates of the bar councils in South Africa. This is done by “voting” and giving short feedback based on real life experiences with the advocates concerned. But we don’t stop there.

We then aggregate, process and verify this data to produce a “league table” ranking of all advocates. Voting and giving feedback is allowed at no charge, but is subject to the RULES.


Counsel-rank’s monthly insight report


Get millions of real life, up-to-date data points compiled into a 20 minute read which will arm you with a unique understanding of the professional performance of advocates in SA. This quintessential monthly publication demystifies the calibre of SA’s best (and worst) counsel at ZAR349,99 per month.

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